What Happened In Spokane - Mysterium 2014 Summary

Translation Note: The Anglais version of this content is being displayed because the Français translation is unavailable.

For all those people who couldn't make it to Mysterium, the annual fan-run convention for Myst and URU, here's a summary of what you missed (just like us actually).


Friday, August 1st

Cleft Location Research Panel
Ainia has been working on finding the location of the cleft for a long time now, starting a huge forum thread on the Myst Online forums. At Mysterium, she gave a summary of the findings so far and held a short Q&A. You can read the summary and transcript of the Q&A here and the forum topic here.


K'laamas' D'ni Linguistics Presentation

K'laamas managed to get some more words from Richard "RAWA" Watson at Cyan and presented a few new D'ni words. There was also a D'ni phrases handout given out to everyone who attended. If you're interested in the D'ni language, check out the Guild of Linguists.


Saturday, August 2nd

Cyan's MOULa Announcement

Cyan is currently working with a small group of fans to introduce fan-created content and possibly Myst V Ages into Myst Online: Uru Live Again. They showed a trailer with the following ages : Maintainer's Nexus (which will be used for the fan Ages), Descent/Great Shaft (Myst V), Fehnir's House (made by Tweek), Direbo (Myst V), Sonavio (made by Bob Lishman), and Laki'ahn (Myst V). They hope that these will be available at the end of the year.

For more information on Ages that are in development, both Tweek and Whilyam have updated the list of their projects after the announcement, which are certainly worth checking out.

And if this wasn't already enough, never-before-seen concept art will be released soon and will also appear in the Chiso archive, which will be relaunched.


Obduction Presentation

Eric. A showed several Ages from Uru and Myst V which he helped build and discussed The Witness game beforemoving on to Obduction. From Obduction, he showed concept art and several demos, before demonstrating the Unreal editor.

For more information and Q&A check out http://mysterium.tumblr.com/post/93605013621/obduction-presentation-notes.


Starry Expanse Presentation
As you may already know, the Starry Expanse Project is a group of fans working on a real-time 3D remake of the game Riven. Cyan has given this project their blessing and even provided various assets from the original game.

This year, they showcased Jungle Island, notable as the location of the Rivenese village.  Not everything is textured yet, but there are already beautiful spots and details. They've managed to hire a font artist to recreate the handwritting fonts and they are done with the model for Atrus. For localization, they are using GULP, a fan-driven project that translates Myst and URU projects into various languages, so everyone interested can help out with it.


Unwritten RPG Panel

Unwritten is a Myst/D'ni-themed tabletop game that was Kickstarted in November 2013. It isn't going to contain combat but instead focuses on investigating and solving puzles.

For the Rand & Robyn Miller Q&A, check out: http://mysterium.tumblr.com/post/93610100466/rand-miller-and-robyn-mille...